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Welcome to this official website for the "CAL Chat" podcast – the show where we discuss our favorite Al-Anon and Alateen Conference Approved Literature and how it has improved our lives!  You can also visit my "CAL Chat" blog at, get literature updates at, as well as see recovery literature in a new way at and

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CAL Chat

🌟 "CAL Chat" Blog Announcement 🌟

Mar 15, 2021

For more about my journey through Conference Approved Literature 📚 (and other Al-Anon adventures 🤗), visit the "CAL Chat" blog at:  Thanks!

Dec 27, 2018

In part 4 of 5 (of Episode 12), Terry Anne’s pick for her favorite outreach piece of literature is the bookmark "Just For Today" (M-12) and we talk about how it helps puts the focus on ourselves, not the alcoholic.  Then we pull out our "2018 World Service Conference Summary" (P-46) to dive into page 51 regarding the...

Apr 18, 2017

In part 4 of 4 (of Episode 10), Wendy shares what she is hoping for with a new change for the upcoming "2017 World Service Conference Summary" (P-46) due in August and what sets this item apart from the rest of the literature in the 2017 CAL Catalog (S-15).  She also reveals a unique location to leave the "Just...

Apr 18, 2017

The bookmark, "Just For Today" (M-12), is Wendy’s favorite piece of outreach literature in part 3 of 4 of Episode 10.  We talk about the current conversation at Al-Anon’s World Service Conference regarding the recommendation to remove the PRAYER FOR TODAY section.  Using pages 57 – 60 of the "2016 World Service...

Mar 13, 2017

Pat explains in Episode 9's last part, (#4), that of all the things she has tried, how Al-Anon is the only thing that truly helped.  We discuss ways to enhance the "Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2017" magazine while using it for outreach purposes and she wraps up with a “Last Words” section about amends and Step Nine.